engineer or engineering graduate engineers day
When searched for the meaning Wiki says “Engineering is the application of scientific , economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to design , build, maintain, and improve structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes” While in Tamilnadu or maybe in South India it differs from one another. Either Best […]

Engineer or Engineering Graduate?

eminem winning grammy
I have always wanted to write about Eminem ever since i started writing here. It is somewhere buried in my Evernote or Colornote App among other 10+ blog post ideas. Now, there couldn’t have been a better time. Today is Eminem’s birthday.  I planned to write this post this morning, […]

From cleaning tables to ruling billboards : life of Eminem

whatsapp for productivity image
WhatsApp has become an inevitable part of our life so much that i wrote a post 3 months ago that we should uninstall WhatsApp and now i am writing how to use it for productivity. Hypocrisy? No.  Me – 0 WhatsApp – 1. Now back to the post. Yes. I […]

WhatsApp for Productivity

What are you good at? A very easy question that irritates when you cant figure out what you are good at. You are not alone. 22 Years have passed, I haven’t found that yet. 22 freaking years.  Done nothing substantial. Forget it. We always have time but its just that […]

Where to start when all you have is a burning ...

Salman Khan at MIT Commencement speech
Uh! Its been almost 3 weeks since i wrote the last post. Don’t mistake me. I am not that busy 😉 I am just another active time waster just like you. Laziness was not just also the reason why i havent written any post in the recent days. Sometimes i […]

Will you get a second chance?

Jack Ma Founder of alibaba 2
Read the Inspirational story of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. The largest IPO in the world. Before we see his story. Lets know about his company What is Alibaba? Alibaba group is comprised of the following Alibaba : China’s largest global online wholesale Marketplace”: Taobao : China’s largest online […]

Rejected by KFC, Now the richest man in china – ...

why your improvement plans are not working
Why your improvement plans are not working? It happens right? You realize you have made mistakes. You realize you have wasted time. You realize what you have to do. So you want to improve yourself. You desperately want to recover from where you are to where you wish to be. […]

Why your improvement plans are not working?

Guide to use facebook without wasting time
Admit it. We all don’t want to waste time. But we spend too much of time using facebook neither enjoying nor being in touch with our friends. Wherever we go, advertisers place their ads in front us. Do you know? According to Forbes, Facebook earns $128 from each user. Yeah […]

Ultimate guide to use facebook without killing time

Womens day Great quotes from great women 1
Speaking of women’s day these quotes are not about women. They do not come under a  single category. Few of them are about being a women.  These are just handpicked by me from the internet. 1. You would understand this more, if you use Quora much. 😉 I would venture […]

Women’s Day – 17 Great Quotes from Great Women celebrities

Men-and-women copy
As we are nearing International Women’s day, i felt it is more important to dissect the difference between men and women. Though it is an inspired post, it is simple and insightful in the way it is told from the point of view of a husband and wife. A wife […]

Women’s day – Difference between men and women. Simplified